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When BeeJoyful Solutions Writes for Your Business: 

You will never have to worry about writing another word of effective sales copy or content again. 

Your customers will see that you have the clear solution to their needs.

Your business will grow because you have clear and effective copy and content.


Imagine the revenue gained from a website that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Imagine the revenue gained from a website that places you as guide to meet your customer's needs.

Melissa Salmon

Adding value to your business with clear messaging so you can be heard and understood. 

Melissa Salmon Copywriter_edited.png

Do you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor, unsure how to create the message your customers need to hear?

Are you pulling your hair out trying to capture the uniqueness of your brand with words?

Do you struggle to explain how you can make your customers' lives better?

GOOD NEWS! I can add value to your business and remove the stress of writing, so your business thrives.


BeeJoyful Solutions: Removing the Stress
of Writing for Your Marketing and Advertising Needs  
When you hire BeeJoyful Solutions   
Your Business Grows Because:

You and Your Employees Have Time to
Focus on Your Customers.

You Eliminate Avoidable Errors that Can
Cost You Potential Sales and Leads 

You Grow Your Relationships with Your
Customers by Finally putting that Email List
to Work with Effective Email Campaigns.

New Customers will Notice Your Business because
You will have Fresh Approach to Your Sales Copy

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


Melissa Salmon Copywriter.jpg

Writing for Your
Business is Hard

I understand your struggle and stress of putting the right words on a page.

Thankfully, my fifteen-plus years as a reading, writing, and communications teacher, along with endless hours of copywriting practice and courses, have taught me how to effectively write personalized, data-driven sales copy and content. Because of my experience, I can draw the attention of your potential clients and, with the implementation of SEO tools, your content and copy convert into sales!  


I know what it feels like to worry that you are not writing the right thing or don't have time to even think about it. Say goodbye to that source of stress and worry. Let me deliver solutions to your writing needs, while you take care of your business needs. 


Contact Me

Contact me today; let me know you need some help- call, text, email or click the "Get Help Now" button. 

I will contact you to get an idea of your copy and content needs.


Intake Meeting

We will schedule an intake meeting to establish goals and specific needs for your advertising and marketing needs.  

We will also establish a timeline and I will send you an official proposal, so you know exactly what you are getting.


Remove Your Stress

Sign your individualized proposal,

I will get to work, and before you know it, your business will see new leads, new purchases, and returning customers. 


Humbling, yet rewarding and empowering references from my clients. 

studio v.png

Lindy Vaughn,

"She beautifully couples a professional yet personal touch to all her work! She is knowledgeable in her craft and knows the exact words to capture a reader and potential client's attention."

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 7.39.05 PM.png

JoAnn Allan Forbes, Author

"She was timely in her work and available for any questions or concerns. She honored my material with grace while still giving it the accurate editing required. I would highly recommend her for editing, copywriting, or content writing needs."

Do you need help writing for your marketing and advertising needs? 

YES! You do!


Amanda Gross, Owner

"She has done beautiful work, quick turnaround times, and has even taken the time to do some research to see how we can get the most out of what we are striving for!"

"People do not want to be enlightened about you, unless they are curious about you... and until they are enlightened about how you can help them survive they will never commit." 

-Donald Miller  

Melissa Salmon Copywriter.jpg

Copywriting Portfolio

Examples of How BeeJoyful Solutions Can Meet Your Business Writing Needs

Studio V

November, 2020

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The Crow's Nest

August, 2021

Website & Content

Aspen Rose Boutique

January, 2021

Website & Sales  Copy

D'Root Landscape Design and Construction

September 2021

Full Website

Jenn Floyd

October, 2021

Website Content

East Texas teachers rise to new normals in COVID’s wake

July, 2021

Feature Article for The Tyler Loop

Graphic Designs and Logos

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