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Why Copy?

Behind the Words

In 15+ years of teaching I have learned to differentiate my instruction based on the needs of each student. I have also forged on to see beyond the surface of my students, looking to find what motivates them, what captures their hearts, and what makes them tick.

Lucky for you, because of my experience in the classroom, I am able to write effective copy based on the ability to diversify my words, tone, and mood- specifically focused on the characterization of your target audience and the demands of your brand.

Lucky for you, this experience allows me to craft the exact words to capture the attention of your target audience, bring you new clients, generate a positive brand awareness, and build new relationships with community members.

 Lucky for you, I see writing as a satisfying love of word crafting and empowerment.  I use this to bring you the customers you need. 

Lucky for you,  copywriting allows me to feed my love of using the right words at the right time to create that satisfying spark, a call to action in the reader, an-I-must-to-know-more kind of flicker.

Lucky for you,  I can craft emails, landing pages, about us pages, flyers, the brochures, you get the point, the list could go on and on.

I am overjoyed at the privilege to use copywriting to connect the consumer to you business, and it is all because of the power of words and my love for crafting words that work. 

Being Joyful, 


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