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Four Secrets to Sell More with the Words on Your Website

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Remember the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me? We all know the power words carry when someone throws an insult in our direction, but the words on your website, or lack thereof, can cost you sales and credibility.

Words can hurt your business.

Here are four secrets of selling more with the words on your website.

  1. Sell benefits, not features.

  2. Make your content scannable.

  3. Include a clear call to action (CTAs).

  4. Tell your customer how your service will make their lives better

Sell benefits, not features.

Juicy benefits sell products! A list of features, leaving your potential customer to infer why they need your product is dangerous. Features tell your reader what a product has. Benefits tell your reader how your product will make their life better. Knowing the difference between features and benefits is vital.

Moreover, explaining the benefits of your product or service is vital to selling more.



BeeJoyful Solutions-

providing stress-free business copy and content.



BeeJoyful Solutions-

helps your business thrive by using clear and compelling sales copy and content.


Make Your Content Scannable

Scannable content helps readability. Most people today are reading the content on their website from their mobile devices. Blocks of text become overwhelming, and most users tend to keep scrolling down the page, missing your message altogether. Make the readability of your content easy for your reader to process.

Include a Clear Call to Action

When you include a clear call to action, your reader knows the next step to make a purchase. Examples include: buy now, order today, learn more.

Also, make sure you have your CTA is in more than one place on your page. Often, this is overlooked and can have a huge impact on your sales. Visit my article, A Clear Call to Action Can Make or Break Your Page, for more information on what makes a great call to action.

Need Help with Your Content?

BeeJoyful Solutions is committed to creating clear, quality content for its clients. Are you still wondering why you might need a copywriter? With clear and concise copy, your business will grow and thrive. Contact me today to see how I can help your business succeed.

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