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Email Funnels -

I use researched based skills to keep your emails out of that pesky spam folder.  
A successful email campaign is what happens when a prospective lead goes through educational and promotional emails to becoming a buying customer.

Website Copy -

The persuasive words on your website to draw your customers to action. This is everything from your headings, subheadings, benefits, features, and most importantly, a clear call to action. Would you like me to review your website? I can give you a free website assessment.

Social Media Posts-

The choreographed combination of persuasive words, pictures, and hashtags used to draw customers to your online presence, your landing page, and ultimately buy your product or service.

Real Estate MLS Listings

The perfect collection of words to describe your newest MLS listing.  Give potential buyers a story to latch onto before they every even step foot in the door.  See my rate card and samples Here.

Opt-In Newsletters -

A tool used to give you a direct line to your customers inbox.  A newsletter is used to share sales, events, and engaging content that increases your website traffic.

Blogging for SEO

A space to builds trust, present your expert knowledge in a useful way to your clients, and builds your authority in your field with the use of SEO tools so google understands where to find you. 

Oh no! You don't see what you need? Nothing to fear!

Give me a call or text any time at 903-941-8205 to see how I can help meet your sales copy needs, or fill out the linked form below, and I will contact you soon.

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